Paul Baidoa is wild about taste.

He has been cooking since the age of 7 (according to his mom).

He started cooking professionally at the age of 15 with his father, a professionally trained chef, and has since worked various positions in the kitchen and the “front of the house.”

His parents were raised on farms.  

His father’s family were given “40 acres and a mule” . . . for . . . services . . . rendered.

Unfortunately the family farm was sold when Paul was in his mid-teens.

He served honorably in the U.S. Air Force in “The States” and Deutschland as a Crash Fire Rescueman during the Vietnam War.

Paul studied Art History and Journalism while attending college and has written professionally for newspapers and magazines as a reporter, writer and managing editor.

His last story was published in the Marin Independent Journal.

His interviewees have included Joanne Weir, Marva Collins, Jessie Jackson, Diane Sawyer and various politicians and individuals.

Paul has been a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Foreign Press Association.

He was contacted by CBS with a request to use a photograph that he had taken in Hawaii. They wanted it for their TV series “The Good Wife.” Their request was approved.

Paul believes strongly in community activism.

He has been employed by local community non-profits and, as a business owner, he has advocated for the survival of these greatly needed neighbors.

Paul campaigned for Roxanne Qualls, the first popularly-elected Lesbian mayor of Cincinnati; worked as an election poll worker; attended campaign management school and made an unsuccessful run for Cincinnati City Council.

Paul is a survivor!

“We were surprised that you woke up,” Dr. Carlos Corvera, Paul’s oncologist surgeon told him a few days after an all night session to save his life.

An infection had developed two weeks after Paul’s second cancer surgery.

Paul is a two-time cancer survivor who lost his sense of taste for a period during recovery because of medication.

Genetic tests at three different medical centers resulted in two different conclusions as factors contributing to Paul getting cancer: hereditary (from VA) and environmental (from UCSF).  And a third from the Tulane Cancer Center: environmental.

Taste Marin was started as a farm tours company to enhance the awareness in multi-cultural communities about healthy and safe agriculture.

Paul is committed to finding and sharing the diverse history found in Marin County’s culinary and agricultural communities.

“Never give up on your life … choose to be the arrow focused toward its target.” _ PB