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Communication is important.

Can you start a conversation without speaking a word?

We think so.


The Baidoa Bag is an artistically-designed handbag for the art lover in you.

What is a handbag?

A handbag is a bag with a strap used for carrying personal items.

Originally men were the first to use “hand bags.”

In modern times, it has become a popular fashion accessory for women.

There are different types of handbags, the Baidoa Bag is a tote.


As we add new handbags each day to our new online store, the common theme in the artwork will be cultural diversity.


Each Baidoa Bag has two sides; its own name and identity.


The “A” side remains the same with each bag.

A flirty “I’m Culturally Delicious” greets the world and tells them you live your life on your own terms.


The “B” side changes with each bag to help cultivate your taste for travel, art and cultural diversity.

Fun and fashionable, the Baidoa Bag is great for shopping, traveling and weekend getaways.


Gifts, gifts, gifts . . . was the word “gifts” mentioned?

Scroll down this page to browse our Baidoa Bags.

Newly-designed bags will be on display daily.




A slight text image is visible in images on display in our store. These watermarks are not in the actual image on Baidoa Bags.


Payment and Security


How It Works:

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  • PayPal is a very secure website that uses encryption on all transactions from start-to-finish
  • PayPal doesn’t share your credit card information with our company
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Baidoa Bags are shipped via USPS. Orders may take 7 – 10 days to reach destination.  After clicking on the “View Cart” button, you will find a “Note” box on the next page.  Please use this box for delivery instructions; if any.


Your questions and feedback are welcome.

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