Image License Agreement

Culturally Delicious provides a platform for customers to purchase digital images on a one-time personal use basis.

This is a contract between Culturally Delicious (Artist / Copyright Owner) and anyone who receives our digital images.

By transferring the digital images from this website to another electronic device, you accept the terms of our Image License Agreement.

Hereinafter in this contract, the images sold on this website will be referred to as “The Image”.

Rights-Managed License

You may purchase our digital images under the terms set forth here in this rights-managed license contract.

  • After purchase and download, the purchaser must print and display The Image for wall art in the home, office or business within 30 days on a one-time use basis.
  • Purchase of The Image doesn’t transfer copyright ownership from Culturally Delicious to the purchaser.
  • The purchaser cannot resell The Image.
  • The Image cannot be used for moneymaking ventures, for example, advertisement or clothing, coffee mug and greeting card displays.
  • The purchaser of The Image doesn’t have any exclusive rights to use our digital images.
  • The Image cannot be used for unlawful purposes, harassment or pornography.
  • The Image cannot be altered in any manner: DO NOT REMOVE THE ARTIST’S SIGNATURE.

Editorial / Commercial Use

Use the “Contact Us” form if you wish to discuss the use of The Image for commercial or editorial purposes.


The copyright owner of all images displayed on this website is Paul Baidoa. The purchase of The Image doesn’t come with a transfer of ownership.


All images downloaded cannot be returned. If our images are not downloaded to you, please contact us by using our “Contact Us” form within one hour of purchase. Please include your name, email address, time and date of purchase and tell us what happened during purchase. Note this information in the “Message” box.

. . .

By purchasing our images you fully consent to our Image License Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Violating these agreements will involve additional costs to the person(s) receiving our images.

Our images are digitally stamped for identification purposes.