Terms of Use

Culturally Delicious has royalty-free images for our customers.

The royalty-free image license is an:

  • extended license

An explanation of our royalty-free extended license follows.

In consideration of this license agreement our images hereinafter will be referred to as “The Image”.

Extended License

The purchaser may use The Image for Commercial Use:

  • In advertisements, promotions, endorsements, advertorials, commercial blogs, merchandise, et cetera
  • For designing posters, t-shirts, coffee mugs, face masks, wall art, et cetera
  • Post The Image to a website or social media website with no limitation on views
  • Include The Image in some types of products, such as inside a textbook, as long as the primary value of the product is not The Image itself, and the product is not reproduced more than 100,000 times
  • Share The Image unmodified with your employees and contractors who have contractually agreed to abide by our license terms
  • The Extended License has a set price range from free to $21.00 for each image
  • After purchasing an Extended License, the purchaser will receive an Extended License Identification Number

Editorial Use

The purchaser must use the “Contact Us” form to obtain written consent to use The Image in relation to:

  • Events or topics which are newsworthy or of public interest; typically in newspaper or magazine articles, news blogs or similar media

. . .

By your purchase of our images you consent to full agreement of our terms of use. Violating our Extended License Agreement may involve additional costs.

Our images are digitally stamped for identification purposes.